The Raven at The London Horror Festival 2017

Audience feedback for Evcol Entertainment's The Raven at #LHF2017 ...

"A highly enjoyable and intimate 60 min. Great acting and use of the small stage area. Recommended! It tells the tale very well. 4/5"
"A wonderfully dark Gothic production, I found this very engaging and compelling. 4/5"
"The Raven is a favourite poem of mine so I was interested to see how it would be adapted for the stage. With a female protagonist, two additional characters and a denouement explaining the death of the lover this was a very novel interpretation. As a short piece I think it worked well with the character of Lady Elizabeth delivering a quite mesmerising monologue. The darkened stage with spotlights on the Pallas Athena bust and the brandy decanter was very atmospheric and full marks go to the sound engineer for the storm effects and, of course, the raven's cawing. The feather at the end was a nice touch. A suitable piece for an autumnal evening. 4/5"
"Interesting interpretation of the poem. Thought provoking and enjoyable, do go. 5/5"

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