New productions for release in 2019:


A few months ago, London-based Vivian Shorewood decided to take a stand, albeit a small one, against world injustice, and began her attempt to readdress the balance. She selected one particularly offensive and repugnant individual, and after following a carefully executed plan she lured him into her trap, immobilised him, and brought him back to her cellar where she proceeded to… skin him!

Skin’ follows the first night of her fight…


Brilliant scientist and billionaire heir to his father’s eco-friendly multi-national conglomerate, Christophé Baptiste is kidnapped and held hostage by his captors in a subterranean prison. There, in this dark and dank dungeon he is relentlessly questioned and tortured, though even through his drug induced inquisition, he is still unsure as to what exactly his abductors want from him. Mustering all his strength and mental willpower, Christophé uses every ounce of his being to battle for his very survival.

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